401 Live On-line Training School Week - Next School Weeks begins Monday, December 17th, 2018; January 7th, 2019

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Ray Burchett

19 Jun 2018



Next Live On-line Training School Week begins on  Monday, December 17th.

School begins each morning with the Daily Briefing at 8 AM CT. School ends with the close of the market at 3:15 CT Monday through Thursday and at Noon on Friday. 

Prerequisite: Basic and Advanced Training

Ray Burchett, creator of Intuitive Development Training is the instructor.

Monday and Tuesday take a deep dive on the Intuitive Development Process taught in Basic Training, and construction of the Cognitive Engine optimizing decision-making and execution.

Wednesday and Thursday pick apart Advanced Training and demonstrate practical application of 1) the proprietary value level calculations framing the market 2) highly correlated momentum tools forecasting price movement 3) methods creating greater awareness for the energy driving price movement  4) method for reading the trading DOM (Price Ldder) to fine tune market entry and exit.

Friday's focus is on the Directional Trading Strategy and how to make the most out of the Full Year of Comprehensive Development Support (Daily Briefing, Evening Chartbook and Market Recap, and the Sunday Evening Review Sessions). 

If you would like to discuss the On-line Trading School Week then please contact rhbltrading@sbcglobal.net to schedule time for a phone call.

Trading futures, options on futures, and retail off exchange foreign currency transactions involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Information presented is for education purposes only and not to be used as trade recommendations. 


  • In-depth presentation of  Basic and Advanced Training, in a live on-line classroom environment supporting extensive Q & A, so traders develop the clarity needed to commit to the process and methods necessary for long-term trading success.  
  • Demonstrate construction of the Intelligence Package and practical application of the Directional Trading Strategy it supports. 
  • Demonstrate how the Intuitive Development Process builds the self-trust needed to patiently wait for market alignment and the strong conviction necessary to consistently execute once alignment occurs.


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Added 3 months ago, by Kevin
Wow if you need a way to trade this is a great way to learn. I've never found a trading course that is so complete. If you do the work to learn Ray's system and train to develop the skills taught you're on your way to becoming a successful trader. The value that I recived here was incredible and it change my life! Thanks Ray You Are the REAL DEAL. PS. Don't skip the intuitive development that is offered here it's one of a kind and the best in it's field. Everyone has a dream, be the one that lives it!
Added 10 months ago, by edye
Because I purchased the Full Year Trader Development Program, I had the privilege of attending the LIVE week long school. I have to say it is my favorite. The live school reinforced everything I had learned going through the on-demand sessions for the Basic & Advanced Training. The repetition of the material in a live setting took my understanding even deeper. The opportunity to talk through principles & processes & get immediate feedback was so beneficial. Discussing the Core Beliefs & Key Behaviors & seeing how they absolutely factor into my trading life gave me a deeper conviction for my need to set my ego aside so these beliefs & behaviors can truly define me as a person. I greatly appreciate Ray's teaching style. He is patient & willing to say the same thing in myriad ways until you understand the principle & how to put it into practice. The week was effective & fun & put all the pieces from Basic & Advanced Training together into a completed puzzle. Ray added live trading experiences each day so students could practice the principles from Basic Training while executing the processes from Advanced Training.
Added almost 2 years ago, by john pat
what is so good about Ray's course is that it is worth every penny you pay because first of all the material is sold and very helpful and you are encouraged to repeat any of the moduals as many times as you want and Ray wants you to come back for more review. And what is great is that Ray really enjoys himself doing this and he loves being your teacher, mentor etc. Ray is a born teacher/coach and will be there for you long after your class ends. If you take this class, sit in on more than 1 live week training class. You will learn much more the second time and absolutely more the third time. The thought of having full confidence in your decision making is so helpful and really cuts down on the stress of second guessing your self if your right. You have already promised yourself that you won't trade unless you know your right. And you will have that confidence after taking this course that you are right or you just won't trade that day. And you won't feel bad for not trading. Knowing your right is so important and you confirm that everyday when you say to yourself that I won't trade unless I know that I am right. thank you, Pat Rogers

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