201 Advanced Training + 3 Month access to Comprehensive Development Support - positions the retail trader at advantage over institution, high frequency, and fair value traders.

22 modules


Ray Burchett

14 Jan 2019



5 Star Rated Advanced Training

  • Positions strengths of the retail trader to gain advantage over institutional, high frequency, and fair-value traders.
  • Identifies a handful of highly correlated tools consistently forecasting price movement.
  • Teaches proprietary strategy, methods, and calculations projecting when and how the market is expected to move towards price objective. 
  • Emphasizes Human Context over machines to keep information quantifying market momentum top of mind. 
  • Teaches how to read the Trade Ladder to fine-tune market entry and exit. 
  • Supports the essential Observation-Validation Cycle by providing Comprehensive Development Support through the Daily Briefing, Evening Chartbook & Market Recap, and Sunday Evening Review. 
  • Learner's Dashboard contains 9 on-demand modules containing just over 3.5 hours of instruction. Dashboard provides access to recordings of the most recent Daily Briefing and Sunday Evening Review. 
  • Evening Chartbook & Market Recap (PDF) is received via email on the eve of each trading day.
  • On-line classroom presenting Daily Briefing and Sunday Evening Review is hosted by GoToWebinar (CITRIX). There is no additional cost to user for access.   https://www.gotomeeting.com/

Description of Instruction:

  • Module 1 (25:19): Details strengths and weaknesses of institutional, high frequency, fair-value, and retail traders. Introduces proprietary strategy positioning retail traders at advantage against market competitors. 
  • Module 2 (27:35): Introduces and examines highly correlated tools consistently forecasting price movement. 
  • Module 3 (30:36): Introduces and examines tools defining proprietary strategy and triggers guiding execution. 
  • Module 4 (13:31): Explains and teaches proprietary method quantifying market momentum.
  • Module 5 (29:35): Breaks down structure of the Trade Ladder. Prioritizes information. Teaches how to fine-tune market entry and exit by developing greater sensitivity for price movement. 
  • Module 6 (19:29): Teaches proprietary 'Value Level Calculation' projecting path price is expected to follow once strategy is triggered. Reviews its accuracy projecting path across ES, Oil, Gold, and 10 Yr. Note to validate its ability to consistently forecast price movement. 
  • Module 7 (31:27): Introduces, explains, and demonstrates the 'Status Bug' to organize, prioritize, and update technical information defining active strategies and status of ES, Oil, Gold, and 10 Yr. Note. 'Status Bug' is prepared and updated manually by user. 
  • Module 8 (15:20): Details application of proprietary strategy and reviews parameters and methods guiding its execution. 
  • Module 9 (23:50): Walks through Evening Chartbook & Market Recap to explain structure and highlights functionality supporting technical and analytical development. Emphasizes the need for its consistent review; and attendance of the Daily Briefing and Sunday Evening Review to support essential Observation-Validation Cycle.

Comprehensive Development Support:

  • Live on-line Daily Briefing (6-6:30 AM CT M-F. Recording posted between 7:15-7:30 AM CT): i) Reinforces the Intuitive Development Process taught in Basic Training ii) reinforces technical and analytical instruction taught in Advanced Training iii) conducts technical and fundamental briefing. Recorded for those who have conflicts.
  • Evening Chartbook & Market Recap (PDF): Received via email on the eve of each trading day. Reinforces technical and analytical instruction. Provides structure keeping learners connected to the development process; and validation for those performing their own technical analysis.
  • Live on-line Sunday Evening Review (7:30 PM CT. Recording posted between 9:00- 9:30 PM CT): Reviews performance of proprietary strategy and fundamental impacting the market. Looks forward to opportunity potential of upcoming week. Reviews economic and quarterly earnings reporting scheduled for release. Acknowledges geopolitical factors either impacting or poised to impact markets. Allows extended time for Q&A. Recorded for those who have conflicts. Keeps anxiety down through the weekend by encouraging learner/trader to go 'off the clock' from Friday's Close until the Sunday Evening Review begins. 

Trading futures, options on futures, and retail off exchange foreign currency transactions involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The information presented is for educational purposes only and not to be used as trade recommendations.


  • Place retail traders at advantage against institutional, high frequency, and fair-value traders.   
  • Improve performance through application of highly correlated tools consistently forecasting price movement.  
  • Ensure practical application of proprietary strategy, methods, and calculations by providing Comprehensive Development Support.  

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Added about 2 months ago, by Lisa
Very enlightening! Ray presents the markets and trading in a whole new perspective from what I am used to and in a way that makes perfect sense. He has an excellent teaching style with methodical applications for clear understanding. However, this has opened my eyes to so much that I now know that I don't know. At the same time I am left with the confidence that following the process that has been laid out and diligently utilizing all the support moving forward, I now have the missing pieces I need to be a successful, happy and peaceful trader.
Added 3 months ago, by karl
Added 8 months ago, by Edye
I have been trading on my own after spending a year with Ray in Trust1st and am amazed at how my trading ability has taken off. Trust1st taught me that trading is about who I am more than what I do. Yes, I have worked hard to find the strategy that fits my personality & come up with a solid plan to follow in every trade. But being able to trust myself & see beyond myself to how my trades & the way I trade them affects more than my P/L has given me the confidence & motivation I lacked before. Ray taught me that trading is part of the whole of my life, not an entity in and of itself that I can compartmentalize. He taught me that who I am as a person affects my trading. What an amazing lesson to learn & it is taught nowhere else. I know after taking this course & doing the hard work of the homework that every decision I make in my trading matters in some way to others. I highly recommend this course if you want not only your trading but your life to really matter!
Added 11 months ago, by Raymond
Awesome stuff! More great information that is not seen in all my previous years of training. IDT shows you how successful trading can be learned in a step by step manner. Each step builds from the previous step. Pulling from the habits you've built from Basic Training, you instantly know where you are in a market and when to trade. Love it! Thanks Ray!
Added about 4 years ago, by Ron
Added over 4 years ago, by Eric
Lots of new ideas that come from years of experience...I really like how this method ties everything together and how it takes into account our trading competition and how best to be positioned for success. I am looking forward to learning more. Thank you.
Added over 4 years ago, by Pekka
What can I say, it's solid, a natural extension of Basic Training. Boy, would I be better off if I'd had the wisdom of taking the leap to commit to this 2 years ago. Well, I feel fortunate being in the process now!
Added over 4 years ago, by Newlin
Learned more relevant information in the first 5 minutes than I did spending 4 years to geting a degree in finance!
Added over 4 years ago, by Dennis
The Advanced Training opened my eyes to just how sensitive I must be to the dynamics of Trading. Whatever the tools I use, I have a better understanding now of the When, the Who and the How. I would not want to be trading with another system because of the trading systems I've tried, I found that I was not very good at knowing when was best to use them and I don't have the time or the money to take enough trades to get the projected results. This advanced detail of a trading system from the bottom up, along with the Daily Briefing synthesizing GEO and Political sentiment from the top down allows me to stay in front of the markets and only be at my computer when the trade is going to be there. And with a whole lotta power and very low anxiety.

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  • Understand futures trading is not get rich quick; it requires a commitment of time and effort similar to any other profession.
  • Take the time to read Customer Reviews.  
  • If you do purchase then want a refund for Basic Training or the Full Year Trader Development Program you must make your request prior to viewing Module 2 of Basic Training and within 7 days of purchase.  
  • If you do purchase then want a refund for Advanced Training you must make your request prior to viewing Module 2 and within 7 days of purchase. 

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