701 Six Month Extension for Comprehensive Development Support

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Ray Burchett

13 Dec 2015



Six-month extensions to Comprehensive Development Support are offered.

  • The Daily Briefing takes place live on-line each weekday morning beginning at 8 AM CT. 1) Practical application of the Intuitive Development Process is reinforced. 2) Construction of the Intelligence Package for the ES, Gold, Oil, and 10 Yr. Note is reviewed. 3) Economic Data; Quarterly Earnings reporting; Fed Events; Geopolitical Events; Legislative Action; and Administrative Policy are noted and discussed. Attendees take away tangible understanding for how they have self-calibrated for high performance and why they are best positioned to anticipate and take advantage of price movement.
  • Evening Chartbook and Market Recap received on the eve of each trading day. 1) Construction of the Intelligence Package for ES, Gold, Oil, and 10 Yr. Note is reviewed. 2) Key technical factors triggering price movement in the Regular Trading Hours Session are highlighted. 3) Market structure and key technical factors expected to influence the Overnight Trading Session (Globex) are highlighted. 4) Focus and foundation for forecasting price movement in the next Regular Trading Hours Session are formed. Those who struggled to stay ahead of price movement are provided with the clarity to understand where they disconnected from market direction. This lower anxiety by restoring focus. Those who performed well receive the reinforcement needed to support continuous improvement.
  • The Sunday Evening Review takes place live on-line each Sunday evening beginning at 7:30 PM CT. 1) Allows for in-depth review of how the Intelligence Package supported the Directional Trading Strategy for the previous week. 2) Develops perspective and expectations for the upcoming week. 3) Provides extended time for Q&A and discussion. 4) Reinforces the Intuitive Development Process to inspire and compel self-calibration for high performance. Attendees are supported by a community of aspiring trading professionals committed to achieving long-term trading success by developing and consistently applying Best Practices.

Trading futures, options on futures, and retail off-exchange foreign currency transactions involves substantial risk for loss and not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Information presented is for educational purposes only and not to be used as trade recommendations. 

Comprehensive Support
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